Nakayasu Ryokan


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From Kanazawa Station to Nakayasu Ryokan:

Nakayasu Ryokan
1-10-31 Owaricho Kanazawa-shi Ishikawa 920-0902 Japan
TEL 076-231-3128 FAX 076-232-3250 E-mail:english@nakayasu-ryokan.co.jp

 Kanazawa Station

By walk
Walk towards Ohmicho Market in Musashigatsuji about 15 minutes. Nakayasu Ryokan is further 5 minutes walk from the market.

By taxi
f you are more than 2 people with luggage, taxi is more recommended than bus. Taxi fare will be around 800 yen.

By bus
Not recommended.

Details here (pdf)

 Komatsu Airport

Airport Shuttle Bus (Komatsu ? Kanazawa 40 minutes by bus)
Please be advised that the bus for Kanazawa City will depart 10-15 minutes after the arrival of flights.
There are two kinds of bus going for Kanazawa station.
-Super Express
-Via City Center
Please take a Via City Center Bus and get off at the Musashi ga Tsuji bus stop which is a stop before the Kanazawa Station. Musashi ga Tsuji bus stop to Nakayasu Ryokan is about 8 min. walk. Bus fare is 1100 yen one way (children 600 yen)

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