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Kanazawa is blessed with a variety of foodstuffs, such as rice cropped in the Kaga Plain, Kaga vegetables, water of good quality in the Hakusan Mountains, and fish and shellfish caught in the Sea of Japan. Moreover, the production of soy sauce in the Ono area, advanced cooking techniques that was encouraged by the Maeda family, who ruled the Kaga Domain (the present Ishikawa and Toyama areas) in feudal times, and beautiful Kutani porcelain and lacquer ware raised the cooking culture of Kanazawa.

Ohmicho Fish Market

Kaga vegetables (15 kinds)

"Amaebi" - Raw Pink Shrimps
caught in the Sea of Japan

Sake from local

Soy Sauce from Ono area

Cuisine of Nakayasu Ryokan

Full course Japanese dinner is served at the guest room mainly with local fresh foods.
In-house chef goes to Ohmicho Market every morning to purchase fresh ingredients for the number of guests on the day.

Standard dinner menu of Nakayasu (menu is changed daily basis)

Tub of assorted fresh Sashimi (Reservation required)
In-house chef will prepare upon guest request.

Hot Pot dinner (Reservation required)
In-house chef will prepare upon guest request.

Guest can choose either Japanese or Western style

Japanese style

Western style

Coffee brewed by Italian espresso machine is served for every guest in a morning.

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